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How to use your pc webcam to record 24/7

Today, webcams are widely used everywhere, almost all new laptops are equipped with these electronic devices. Sometimes it is required to make a video recording from a webcam for a long time. This is useful when you go on a trip or just want to know who is using your laptop.

Solutions like Webcam Surveyor make it easy to implement this, having a number of special features for continuous recording. The application supports  capture in a sequence of files, which allows you to play the recorded files without interrupting the capture. The program has a convenient hierarchical organization of file storage.  The built-in browser will help you to quickly find the files you need. This allows you to quickly organize a simple surveillance system using only your webcam.

In this guide, we will review how to set up Webcam Surveyor for this .

1. Download and install Webcam Recording Software

Click here to download the Webcam Surveyor application setup file, run and follow the wizard instructions for installation. Launch the application and select the sources of video and audio.

See here how to adjust the resolution and video format.

Free download webcam software for long time recording

2. Configure video capture

To configure video capture, open the Main menu>Options>Program Options>Video. Click on WMV check box and select wmv as output video format (1). Then you need to adjust the video bitrate. Set the bit rate (2) depending on the video resolution and quality that you want. We recommend using the following values: 480p - 700 - 1500 kbps;  720p -1500-2500 kbps; 1080p -2500 -5000 kbps.

See here how to configure capture settings for AVI video format.

Set up webcam surveyor for 24/7 recording

Check “Capture video to multiple files” box (3) and adjust an interval of time through the program will store a files.  For 24/7 recording, we recommend setting the interval in the range of 30 minutes to one hour.

Check “Store files in subfolder  with name MM.DD.YY-Webcam Name” box. When a new day comes, the program automatically creates a folder for this day.(3)

Click on the button (4) with 'Folders' icon to select the folder in which to save clips. You can see this folder in Browser Video Tab.

3. Start the Webcam Recording


To start webcam recording click on Start Start recordingbutton.  To stop recording click on the Stop Stop rec buttonbutton

4. View results

The resulting files can be found in the in the "Video" tab of embedded file browser.

View results in built-in file manager