How to record video with Webcam Surveyor

Webcam Surveyor records and produces video in AVI and WMV formats using your webcam. It helps capture from a webcam, capture card, USB cameras, digital camera and so on. To compress video in AVI format, the program supports the most advanced codecs like an ffdshow, MPEG4, x264, Windows Media 9, etc. This allows you to capturing high-quality HD videos with high compression ratio. As a sound source, you can use the built-in camera's microphone or any o audio recording devices supported by Windows.

Application can record video into multiple files. Using this option you can make a continuous recording. Software will be creating files during capture. You can adjust an interval of time through the program will create a files. This allows viewing already captured files while record is continues.

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Setting video capture

Setting the output format

To select the output video format, open the Main Menu>Program Options>Video(1). Then select WMV or AVI output format (2). For the WMV, you need to set the video bitrate (3).

Webcam Surveyor output video format settings

If you have chosen the AVI format, then you need to select a video codec and adjust compression settings.

Setup video codec for AVI format

  • Select codec from the list (2) or check No Compression box (1) if you want to save uncompressed frames.
  • Click on Properties button (3) to adjust the codec settings.

Click on the button (4) with 'Folders' icon to select the folder in which to save clips. You can see this folder in Browser Video Tab. To enable standard save dialog go to: General Settings and check "Show 'Save File Dialog' when video capture stopped" box.

Configuring audio output settings

Configure the audio settings, open Options>Program Options>Audio (1). Check "Capture Video and Audio" box (2) if you want to capture video with sound. For WMV you need to select an audio format depending on the bitrate or quality (3).

Audio settings for WMV format

For the AVI format, you must select an audio codec or check "No Compression" box.

Start Video capture

To start webcam recording click on Start Start video capture button button.  To stop recording click on the Stop Stop button button. Stored videos can be found on the browser tab.