Webcam Surveyor
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Using the stealth mode to hide Webcam Surveyor

Stealth mode allows you to hide the Webcam Surveyor on your computer and control it by hotkeys. It allows to record video at the presence of undesirable people or to find out what happens with your PC in your absence. In addition, this feature can be useful for capturing video on computers and terminals installed in public places. The application can be started with Windows and still be invisible. In this mode, you can record the video, broadcast live stream and use a motion detector.

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To enable stealth mode go to main menu> Program Options> Security Settings and check 'Enable Stealth Mode' box (1).

Using stealth mode to hide Webcam Surveyor

If you want to hide the application at next start then check 'Enable Stealth Mode for next start' box (2).

After enabling this mode the Webcam Surveyor will hide when main window minimized. To restore the application, you must press the key combination (3). Default hotkeys you can see on the screenshot above. To change the hotkeys move the cursor in the edit box and press the key combination you need. To reset the hotkey settings, click on the button (4).