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How to use the command line to manage the Webcam Surveyor application.

The command line interface allows you to control the application by passing parameters (commands) through the program launch line and a successive of text commands.

To control the application via the command line, you can use the following methods:

Via the Command Prompt

To open a Command Prompt window, type "cmd" in the search. Then enter "cd c:\Program Files (x86)\Webcam Surveyor\" to move to the application folder. Now you can use the command-line options, such as «WebcamSurveyor.exe /capture».

Using the Run dialog from Start menu

Also to work with the command line, you can use the Run dialog by pressing Win + R on the keyboard. In the dialog window click on "Browse.." button. Next, you need to select the WebcamSurveyor.exe program file at c:\Program Files (x86)\Webcam Surveyor\ and click the "Open" button. After that, in the field with the path of the program file, you can add the necessary command.

For example, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Webcam Surveyor\WebcamSurveyor.exe /capture"

List of command line options

/close - Allows you to close the application while maintaining the current settings and files. If a video was recorded at that time, it will be stopped, and the files will be saved to disk. This option can be used to close the program in Windows Task Scheduler.

/stop - If the application is already running, this parameter stops all processes in it. Can also be used in Windows Task Scheduler.

/capture - when you start the program with this option the video capture starts immediately.

/mdetect- automatic start motion detector when the application starts.

/broadcast - launch the streaming when the program starts.

/imgseq - recording a sequence of images at startup.

/imgclose - take a snapshot and close the app. If the program starts with this parameter, it will take a picture and immediately closes after that.

However, the autostart settings in the program have a higher priority over the command line. So if initially it is set to start recording video when starting Webcam Surveyor, then when you start the application with the /mdetect command, this command will be ignored.