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How to make a webcam record video when motion is detected

Using web camera software with motion detection allows you significantly reduce the cost of deploying a home video surveillance system. Motion-activated video recording saves space on your hard drive and saves a tremendous amount of time when viewing video archive.

Webcam Surveyor has a special feature for recording images of moving objects. In the application, it called "motion capture". This feature allows you to save the image on which has been motion detected in a video file. If motion not detected, then such frames skipped and not saved to a file. The program also allows you to store a sequence of video files at a specified interval. This is the optimal solution for 24/7 webcam monitoring and professional-grade video surveillance.

This guide will show how to use the motion capture feature in the Webcam Surveyor application and the optimal settings for this.

1. Download and install application

Click here to download the Webcam Surveyor setup file, run and follow the wizard instructions for installation. Launch the application and select the video and audio sources.

Webcam software user interface

2. Configure motion detection settings

To configure motion detection, go to Main menu>Options>Program Options>Motion Detection and check "Motion Capture" box. See here how to set up the motion detector.

Setup motion detector for webcam motion-activated recording

Then in the program options click on the Motion capture to open settings page. Check "Enable Motion Capture sequence" box (1) and adjust an interval of time through the program will store a files. For motion recording, we recommend setting the interval in the range from one hour or more.use webcam for recording video when motion is detected

For 24/7 webcam monitoring check "Store files in subfolder with name MM.DD.YY-Webcam Name" box. When a new day comes, the program automatically creates a folder for this day.(1)

You can use video codecs to compress the recording. Select a codec from the list (2) or select "No compression" if you want to save uncompressed frames. To configure the codec settings, click the "Properties" button.

Click on the button (3) with "Folders" icon to select the folder in which to save clips. You can see this folder in Browser Motion Capture Tab.

3. Start Motion Detection

To start monitoring click on Start Motion Detection Start motion detectionbutton. To stop motion detector click on the Stop Stop buttonbutton.

4. View results

The resulting files can be found in the in the "Motion Capture" tab of embedded file browser.

View recorded files with motion detecded

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