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How to auto start webcam recording at launch

Webcam Surveyor can record video and audio from your webcam immediately when the application starts. This option works regardless of whether you launch the application, or it starts with Windows, or the Windows Task Scheduler is used to start the program. When the application is closed, it will automatically stop recording and store the files.

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1. Auto start recording

To enable auto start recording go to Main menu>Options> Program Options> General Settings and check 'Start video recording when Webcam Surveyor starts' box (2). Then check 'Auto start Webcam Surveyor when Windows boots up' box (1). Now, the next time the system boots and application launches automatically start video capture.

Set up an application for automatic recording at startup

2. Background recording

You can record videos in the background using the stealth mode. The application can start in this mode and remain invisible to the user. To enable it go to Main menu>Options> Program Options> Securty Settings and check 'Enable Stealth Mode' box (1).

Set up application for beckground webcam recording